Raymond Alli

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With over 20 years of mortgage banking experience, Raymond Alli strives to help individuals live a more healthier and stress free lifestyle when it comes to selecting and understanding your mortgage options. He accomplishes this with his excellent leadership skills and his ability to take on the role as a strategic visionary mentor.

Why Choose Us

1Our leadership team has over 20 years of experience implementing Mortgage Systems and processes for Large Canadian Banks with hands on experience in  selecting, purchasing, building and managing both commercial and residential properties.  Higher Living Services is positioned to help you understand how you too can achieve your own Financial Freedom with a stress free healthier lifestyle.
2Our staff has the know how to assist in a simple step by step process to secure your right first home or investment properties.  You are our priority and we are here to help you save big!
3Our process is to work with you to gather all the necessary information to get you into your home with a peace of mind.   Our staff can assist you from educating you on selecting a knowledgeable Relator to selecting the ideal property.  Also help you in securing the Financing by working alongside you with the Financial Institutions to secure the best possible rates and incentives the bank’s has to offer you!

Raymond's Achievements Through Higher Living

Raymond has been involved in over two dozen construction projects consisting of full renovations with high end finishing for both residential and commercial properties. He is also the winner of multiple banking awards.

All things considered, Raymond's outstanding achievements and experience has helped ameliorate the stressors that individual's face by securing their financial wellbeing to help make smart investment decisions.

Select the Higher Living team to help you make a solid mortgage investment decision and save big!